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Effective June 1, 2015

If you are experiencing homelessness, you must call the Homeless Helpline 954-563-HELP (4357) or 2-1-1 (Broward County only) to coordinate a meeting with  the Outreach Team (look for the white van and the police truck/car).  These assessment locations are for individuals experiencing homelessness only.

Families with children must be referred to and placed through the Homeless Helpline 954-563-HELP (4357).

CENTRAL- Only Pick up Point 

 Thursday (3 p.m.) ONLY

 St. Andrews Church, 1100 Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale  (Just north of Sunrise Blvd.) 

 (The Outreach team is there from 3 p.m. to approximately 5:00 - 5:30 p.m.)


Broward Continuum of Care

Homeless Management Information System


The Broward County Continuum of Care (CoC), the HMIS Lead Agency, and CHOs strive to ensure and safeguard the confidentiality of all client data. This ensures fair information practices pertaining to: openness; accountability; collection limitations and the purpose and use limitations; access and correction of data collected; and, data quality.  CHO privacy and client confidentiality practices must comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws. Applicable standards include, but are not limited, to the following:

1.         Federal Register vol. 69, No. 146 (HMIS FR 4848-N-02) – Federal statute governing HMIS information.

2.         The Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996, as amended (HIPAA).

3.         42 CFR Part 2. – Federal statue governing drug and alcohol treatment.

As a client of the Broward Partnership, the following measures have been implemented to protect the unauthorized and/or unintended disclosure of your personal protected information (PPI):

1.         During admission and through the course of services, our staff will inform the client of the purpose(s) of data collection and obtain your written consent prior to the disclosure of your PPI.

2.         Our funders require we maintain client information for a period of at least seven (7) years.  Client records may be maintained electronically or via hard copy.  All files are maintained in a secure location with access limited to authorized staff and/or funder representatives.  In the event of an audit, records may be retained for a longer period.

3.         Upon identification client information is appropriate for disposal the documents will be reviewed by the Compliance Unit and shredded.

4.         Any client who seeks to review his/her client record, consent, or revoke his/her consent shall make the request in writing.

5.         As a federally funded agency, the Broward Partnership will not deny service due to a disability and/or language barrier and will make provisions to collect data accordingly.  Additional information is presented in the Agency’s Auxiliary Aid Plan. 

6.         PPI will be used and disclosed only as specified in the privacy notice, and only for the purposes specified therein;

7.         All clients have the right to inspect and obtain a copy of their client record; and

8.         Client may submit a grievance related to questions or complaints about the privacy and security policies and practices of the Broward Partnership.




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Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 954.779.3990

E-mail:  info@bphi.org


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Wish List

Items needed

  • - Unexpired canned and dry food.

  • - Personal hygiene items for adults and children.

  • - Shampoos, soaps, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deordorant.

  • - Good quality professional clothing and shoes for men and women.

  • - Infant and children's clothing.

  • Diapers and unopened infant formula.

  • New underwear and socks for adults and children.

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