Success at the Partnership

Tynesha hoped to make a better life for her and her five children. Having been invited to stay with a friend in Pompano Beach, Tynesha and her family were welcomed in her home as she looked for steady employment.

Unfortunately, her living situation took an unfortunate turn and just a couple of months into her stay, Tynesha's friend put her and her family out on the street. Scared and alone, the family of six lived in hotels until the money ran out. They were then forced to sleep in the car until Tynesha picked up the phone and dialed 2-1-1. 

Eventually, the family members found their way to the Partnership where the road to restoring their lives began. 

"I was so relieved that something had come available for us because I was stressed out and tired of not being able to sleep," Tynesha said. "I knew when I got that call that this was the beginning for us."

Tynesha said that she found the support she needed from her case managers at the Partnership along with fellow program participants, who were experiencing many of the same life challenges as she was. While in shelter, Tynesha secured a job and began to save her money. 

Because she was able to earn a steady income, Tynesha was considered for and eventually placed in the Families First! Program. After spending three months in shelter saving, Tynesha and her five children moved into a three bedroom house.

"It was something I always prayed for," said Tynesha. "I wouldn't say that everything has been great for me because I have had my ups and downs like any other person. I was just blessed to be on my own and taking care of my children."

Once discharged to stable housing, Tynesha was able to land a better paying job at Burlington Coat Factory.  And because of the in-home case management and support provided by the Families First!, Tynesha is on the right path to providing safety, security and hope for a better future for her children: Akyiah, Amanti, Amir, Ivyonna, and Nyriah.

"I am blessed that my family has been supportive and I am able to get a lot of support from my case manager," she said. "It has been a struggle for me these past few months, but I am getting stronger every day."

AndreJust as his life was beginning to move forward, a setback completely out of his control forced Andre to make a very difficult choice. For the sake of his young family, Andre decided that the best way to best way to ensure their long-term stability was to temporarily separate while he experienced a period of homelessness.

Andre, 27, moved to Fort Lauderdale from Miami in Aug. 2014 with his two children, ages 4 and 2, after landing a job in the restaurant industry.  He and his family moved in with his sister to begin their new life in Broward County.  However, less than two months later his plans for a new beginning for himself and his children took a turn for the worse.

One afternoon, Andre answered a knock at the door where he was handed an eviction notice. Though his sister dutifully paid the rent on time, the landlord was negligent in paying off the loan.  The property was going into foreclosure, putting Andre and his children at risk.

KashecaEventually, the task of caring for her extended family was too much for Kasheca.

The 31-year-old mother lapsed into homelessness last year after being evicted from her apartment. At the time, Kasheca was caring not only for her 1-year-old daughter, but for her two younger sisters, and her nieces and nephews while her mother spent time in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

"I was the only one working in the house, and I had to take care of my whole family by myself," Kasheca said. "I just couldn't do it anymore." 

Though she tried her best, Kasheca wasn't able to stretch her limited salary far enough to take care of everyone. Subsequent to her eviction, Kasheca and her daughter spent a month between various local shelters before entering the care of the Broward Partnership.

Once at the Partnership, Kasheca wasted little time taking advantage of the services available to quickly get back on her feet. While in shelter, she continued to work for Broward County Public Schools as a teacher's assistant and was able to save close to 80% of her income.


Ross Veteran

Ross, a brave and selfless US Navy veteran found himself living without the safety and comfort of his own home just last year. Because of help from the Broward Partnership, this proud patriot was able to overcome a life-threatening medical condition, leave his life on the streets behind and ultimately reconnect with loved ones.

Ross had been without a home since December 2013 and was living under the 17th-Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale. A Good Samaritan who rode his bike through the area every day noticed Ross and took an interest in caring for this 62-year-old veteran. He urged Ross to seek help and reached out to the Partnership for guidance. In March 2014, Ross heeded his friend’s advice and soon arrived at the Broward Partnership.

At intake, it was clear to the members of the Partnership’s Coordinated Assesment Unit that Ross' health was in jeopardy. The CAU team arranged for him to go to a local Broward Health Medical Center, where he underwent an emergency triple bypass.



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