KashecaEventually, the task of caring for her extended family was too much for Kasheca.

The 31-year-old mother lapsed into homelessness last year after being evicted from her apartment. At the time, Kasheca was caring not only for her 1-year-old daughter, but for her two younger sisters, and her nieces and nephews while her mother spent time in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

"I was the only one working in the house, and I had to take care of my whole family by myself," Kasheca said. "I just couldn't do it anymore." 

Though she tried her best, Kasheca wasn't able to stretch her limited salary far enough to take care of everyone. Subsequent to her eviction, Kasheca and her daughter spent a month between various local shelters before entering the care of the Broward Partnership.

Once at the Partnership, Kasheca wasted little time taking advantage of the services available to quickly get back on her feet. While in shelter, she continued to work for Broward County Public Schools as a teacher's assistant and was able to save close to 80% of her income.

Kasheca frequently visited the Workforce Development program's computer lab to research career opportunities. Having earned her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education, she harbored a desire to continue her education toward a Bachelor's Degree, which was also interrupted due to her financial hardship.

Through the Families First! program, Kasheca was able to secure a rental unit along with the subsidy she needed to get back on her feet. This allowed her to apply some of her earnings towards purchasing a laptop, necessary for her to further her education. In addition, the Partnership helped her achieve a degree of financial freedom by assisting her to reduce some prior debt.

With her financial situation greatly improved, Kasheca enrolled online to pursue her Bachelor's Degree full time shortly after her discharge. She also recently received a promotion and a raise at her job, and now works as an assistant aide for the district's Head Start program. Just as important, Kasheca continues to provide support for her mother and her siblings.

Because of her time spent at the Partnership, Kasheca was able to achieve stability and financial security to provide for family, and she resumed working towards her goal of earning her degree and becoming a teacher.  Given these necessary resources coupled with her motivation, Kasheca is now poised to ensure a positive future for both herself and her daughter.



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