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- Finding stable, secure employment at wages that will meet an individual or family’s basic needs for housing, utilities, food and clothing.
- Many individuals experiencing homelessness are at a severe disadvantage in the competitive job market due to a variety of factors.
- Individuals experiencing homelessness often lack access to transportation, proper identification, clothing, tools and other resources necessary for employment.



Broward Partnership’s Workforce Development Program offers vocational assistance, training and education, job coaching, job placement and job retention services in order to improve a program participant’s ability to obtain and retain stable, secure employment at suffi cient wages to sustain housing.

- Broward Partnership staff works hands-on with participants to assist them in assessing job readiness, skills and interests, developing a career path and enrolling in educational or vocational training programs.

- Participants can access the on-site computer lab to set up an email account, search and apply for jobs, take online courses and improve their computer skills.

- Local businesses support Broward Partnership’s efforts by providing employment and hands-on training opportunities for residents.

- The Job Retention Program offers ongoing support groups and incentives for participants to retain long-term employment.

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- Families currently represent a much larger share of the population experiencing homelessness than ever before.

- Families experiencing homelessness struggle to maintain normalcy and are at a higher risk for familial instability, which can aff ect the health, well-being and development of the children.

- School-aged children experiencing homelessness often face barriers to enrolling and attending school, including transportation problems, inability to obtain previous school records and lack of clothing and school supplies.



The Partnership’s Family Services Program aims to strengthen families and help them transition from homelessness into stable or permanent housing by providing solution-focused parent/child interventions, including:

- Individual and family therapy.used parent/child interventions, including:

- Peer-led support groups, such as “Motivated Moms”.

- Family enrichment activities. - Training to develop parenting skills and coping techniques.

- Coordination of transportation for school-aged children to their school of origin & aftercare programs.

- Coordination of child care for infants and preschool children.



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Phone: 954.779.3990

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Wish List

Items needed

  • - Unexpired canned and dry food.

  • - Personal hygiene items for adults and children.

  • - Shampoos, soaps, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deordorant.

  • - Good quality professional clothing and shoes for men and women.

  • - Infant and children's clothing.

  • Diapers and unopened infant formula.

  • New underwear and socks for adults and children.

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