Having lived in Broward County all of her life, Ariel’s life has been a struggle since she was a little girl. Growing up poor in a single-parent home, Ariel and her mother relied on federal housing assistance to get by. As a young mother, things took a turn for the worse in 2013 when her brother passed away. Though her family provided comfort through the tough times, there was little structure in her life. Ariel eventually lost her housing voucher, leaving her and her three children homeless. Ariel and her family moved from friend’s house to friend’s house, even sleeping in cars, waiting to get into shelter. They spent one year on the county waiting list before they came to the Partnership.

Once in shelter, Ariel immediately began to save the earnings from her job to secure housing. The support she received from her case manager helped her to learn how to budget, a skill she said she had never learned before. Because of Ariel’s commitment to provide for her children, she was accepted into Families First! – and the support she received from the program allowed her to move into her own place in May of this year.

Now securely housed, Ariel and her son Ari’yon and daughters Endiyah and Euriah are now building a future together through the support of the Families First!program. “Broward Partnership is the reason why I am able to maintain my household and pay my bills with a little extra for saving,” Ariel said. “I am currently working a full time job, raising my kids and building my children up for a positive future. We have learned to work together through good and bad times.

“Through all the trials and tribulations I have learned that each individual goes through their own path. I have learned the true fundamentals of what life can bring. Life is full of experiences, and I am glad I got the chance to start a new chapter and experience new things as I continue put my family back together.”




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