Behavioral Health

THE broward partnership’S behavioral health program


Many individuals who face homelessness also struggle with mental illness and/or substance abuse issues as a barrier to housing stability. Some are facing psychiatric conditions and chemical addictions that require long-term treatment. Others are coping with acute mental illness triggered by past traumas, such as abuse, brain injuries, and of course, the trauma of homelessness itself.


What happens is a rollercoaster lifestyle often marked by violence, victimization, jail cells and emergency room visits continues to gain momentum. To make matters worse, many people suffering from substance abuse disorders also battle mental illness. They often go hand-in-hand, and left untreated the brutal cycle becomes harder and harder to break. Without help from caring people willing to lend a hand, these individuals and families are doomed to a life on the streets – one with no safety net and no end in sight.


The Broward Partnership is funded through the Broward Behavioral Health Coalition to provide outpatient mental health treatment services directed and delivered by master’s-level therapists, licensed clinicians, and a psychiatrist. Our programs are evidence-based, trauma informed, and incorporate a number of clinical practices designed to holistically treat each client, helping them to feel better and see improvements every day.

Our services include:

  • Mental health screening
  • Substance abuse screening
  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication and maintenance
  • Intensive case management

When good people get the right help, they suddenly see a fighting chance at a productive life. They go from believing there’s no way out to realizing they’re already on the path to one. That’s the power of the Broward Partnership.