Helping the on-street population move forward

The Partnership’s Outreach Team funded by United Way continued providing assistance to the unsheltered population and kept moving forward to reach individuals and families experiencing homelessness that are living in places not meant for human habitation. Through the Targeted Clinical Outreach for Persons Experiencing Chronic Homelessness program, the Partnership provides case management and peer support services that include facilitating access to community services such as behavioral and primary healthcare, substance abuse counseling, obtaining state identification and driver’s license, acquiring entitlement benefits, and referrals to shelter that ultimately help lead to stable housing. The Partnership continued distributing water/ juice, snacks, and hygiene products. The Partnership maintained its frequent communications and collaborations with other shelter, meal service, and outreach providers, which resulted in sharing resources, experiences and helping ensure that the unsheltered homeless population continued to receive critical services. Many of the unsheltered population that become clients of the Partnership have chronic health conditions, are experiencing substance abuse or mental health issues, or have a physical disability. Approximately forty-one percent of the unsheltered population have all three.