THE broward partnership’S HOUSING DIVISION

Our programs are rebuilding lives! Working together with other service providers throughout Broward County, we provide a full continuum of care to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness become stable and self-sufficient. We carefully craft our programs to give our clients everything they need to find stable housing and rebuild their lives.

Our Housing Programs link homeless adults and families to stable housing and vital resources in the community – with the goal of housing the most vulnerable people first.


Our Homeless Assistances Centers (HACs) operate low barrier shelters designed to screen clients in rather than screen them out, which ultimately increases access to shelter for some of the hardest to reach of the homeless population. This short-term intervention follows a Housing First model designed to quickly transition people to a stable housing situation and to provide the supportive services needed to increase income, improve their health status, and maintain their housing placement.


This intervention is designed to help individuals and families who may be situationally homeless who require short-term assistance with getting back on their feet. These programs provide housing location assistance, short-term assistance with rent payments, and short-term case management. We provide ongoing follow-up case management for up to a year after the household is placed into their new home to ensure things remain on track and avoid the pitfalls that might lead them back to the streets.

Permanent Supportive Housing

This intervention provides long-term assistance with rent payments and long-term intensive case management, designed specifically for chronically homeless individuals and families. These clients are among the most vulnerable of the homeless population and have a long history of homelessness and a disabling condition. Permanent supportive housing program provide a higher level of involvement with case management to ensure that clients continue to maintain their housing placement.

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