Since opening our doors in 1999...

Broward Partnership has helped more than 25,900 people in our South Florida community. Unfortunately, we’re only able to secure a little over half of the funds required to operate Broward Partnership through government grants and contracts.

The rest is entirely dependent on donations from local businesses, charitable foundations, special events and concerned individuals committed to ending the homeless crisis in Broward County. Believe in people. Invest in them. Give them the right tools. They will find their way back home. With the help from some of our Star Donors, we prove it every day.

Report created on 1/10/2018

$50,000.00 to $500,000.00
Manne Family Foundation
Mary Jane Harlow Charitable Trust
The Batchelor Foundation
The Jim Moran Foundation
$25,000.00 to $49,999.00
Amaturo Family Foundation, Inc.
GL Homes
Health Foundation of South Florida
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
Leo Goodwin Foundation, Inc.
Charles Stein Family Foundation
Publix Supermarkets – Miami Division
Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund
United Way Of Broward County, Inc.
$10,000.00 to $24,000.00
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Carnival Foundation
Kathryn E. and Robert S. Smith Family Charitable  Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald and Mary Glass
Mr. Daniel MacMillan
Sally Goldman Foundation
SunTrust Foundation
The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Thomas Family Foundation
Holy Cross Hospital
Ultimate Software
William R. Watts Foundation, Inc.
$5,000.00 to $9,999.00
Allstate Foundation
Broward College
Citrix Systems
Comerica Bank
Brinkley Morgan
Ms. Nancy Thorton Hector
Jarden Consumer Solutions Community Fund
Ms. Heather Keith
McDonald Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Laura Norwalk
Mr. Steven Sadaka
Circle of Friends Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
The David Kimmel Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Tammy Tornari
Wawa Inc.
Wells Fargo
Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Linda Yonke
$1,000.00 to $4,999.00
Ms. Cathy Aguirre
Air Quest Environmental, Inc,
Aleida Ors Waldman, P.A.
American Express Charitable Fund
AmTrust North America
Baldwin Family Charitable Foundation
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. & Mrs. John & Sandy Benz
Bergeron Land Development, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Sandra Birdsong
Mr. Ken Blum
Breakthru Beverage Florida
Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Brotspies
Coldwell Banker
The CarMax Foundation
Castelli Real Estate
Centennial Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Cobb
Comprehensive Health Management
Concrete Reinforcing Products
Coral Springs Community Chest
ACAI Associates, Inc.
Mr. Ryan Cronin
D&E Vending, Inc.
Ms. Diane D’Angelo
Dayton-Dandes Center for Integrative Medicine
Ms. Michelle DeRosa
Deutsch Bank Americas Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Jill Diaz
Mr. Dwayne Dickerson
Ms. Denise DiIllio
Dr. & Mrs. Mervyn & Eleanor Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. James & Cathy Donnelly
Ellis Diversified
Mr. Joseph Eppy
Ms. Frances Esposito
Mr. Mark Feltingoff
Fine Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Connie Finley
Fisher & Phillips, LLP
Mr. Leonard Bujnicki, Jr.
Mr.& Mrs. Lori & Joey Gionti
Mr. Michael Gorham
Greenberg Traurig, PA
Mr. & Mrs. Otis & Juana Greene
Mr. Arthur Greenfeder
Ms. Judy Gruchacz
Mr. Jeremiah Gutierrez
Mr. Robert Haeffner
Mr. Robert Harrigan
Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation
Holland & Knight LLP
Housing and Development Services
Iberia Bank
John Jay Mann Foundation
John Knox Village
Mr. & Mrs. John & Brenda Johnson
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
Mr. Robert Judd
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Karp
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart & Darlene Kaufman
Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Lori Kazdan
Ms. Jen Klaassens
Ms. Jan Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kotler
Mr. Eliot Lazowick
Ms. Elizabeth Lazowick
Mr. & Mrs. Gran & Kim LeCompte
Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Hope Lesnik
Lucky’s Market
Ms. Lynn Mandeville
Mrs. Kristin Marino
Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Alexandra Mastriana
Ms. Maria Menendez
Mombach, Boyle, Hardin & Simmons, P.A.
Mr. Sam Morrison
Mr. Thomas Mullery
Nova Southeastern University
Ms. Amy Ostrau
Mr. Ron Oxborne-Williams
Ms. Vann Padgett
Mr. Frank Pena
Mr. Marvin Pickholz
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Mr. Ali Rashid
Mr. Jeremy Ring
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch & Brooke Rosenstein
Mr. Steven Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Rena Schumacher
Frances A. and Adeline M. Sines Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Mary Ellen Coen
St Thomas Aquinas High School
Mr. & Mrs.  Stanley & Pearl Goodman Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan and Emily Stark
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Cathy Stutin
Sunrise Intracoastal Homeowners Association
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Lori Taubman
Mr. Daniel Taylor
Dr. Patrick Taylor
Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El
The Las Olas Company, Inc.
Mr. E.C. (Cliff) Traver
Mr. Michael Tucker
Turner Construction Company
Ms. Kathleen Vancisin
Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale
Ms. Jane Wexton
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Traci-Anne Whalen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Charley Zeches
Lou and May Jean Wolff Family Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward
Mr. David Zerbee
$500.00 to $999.00
2-1-1 Broward
Ms. Yamilet Abecassis
Mr. Ryan Azarkhall
Bank of America Employee Giving
Mr. John Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph (Bud) & Kim Bentley
Mr. Alan Blender
Mr. Kim Bokamper
Mr. Allan Budelman
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Colleen Burke
Ms. Gale Butler
Mr. & Mrs. John & Rebecca Cavanaugh
Mr. Brandon Coats
Mr. Todd Cohen
Crowley Cares Foundation
Mr. Noel Cullen
Ms. Michelle Cyrus-Brown
Mr. William Davidge
Ms. Linda De La Cruz
Mr. Ray DeJaco
Ms. Mindy Drath
Mr. Mark Dreyer
Ms. Liz Dwors
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse & Jeanette Echmendia
Mr. Jeffrey Eisen
Mr. Rick Elsner
Mr. & Mrs. Austin & Mary Fanizzi-Krystoff
Dr. & Mrs. Gustavo &Niunka (Nicole) Ferrer
Ms. Maria Ferrer
First Green Bank
Fort Lauderdale Lions Club
Mr. Bernie Friedman
Mr. Kristy Friedman
Ms. Leah Gastanaga
Mr. Alan Goldberg
Mr. Joseph Goldstein
Mrs. Mariella Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kasey Hamaway
Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Amber Hersh
Ms. Michelle Johnson
Mr. Scott Jordan
Ms. Marlene Katkin
Ms. Andrea Keiser
Mr. Patrick Kerney
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Soraya Lassner
Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Jane Lefkowitz
Mr. Justin Liebman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Linda-Jean Long
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo & Joanne Luiso
Mr. & Mrs. Dan & Claire Marino
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen (Skip) & Mary Mattson
Yolanda and William Maurer Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward
Mr. Scott McDonough
Drs. Robert & Nell McGuire
Ms. Bonnie Mitten
Judge W. Herbert Moriarty
Mr. Norman Morris
Mr. Michael Moskowitz
Mr. Stephen Moss
Mr. Andrew Murray
Ms. Elissa Pacheco
Ms. Maria Pierson
Mr. Jon Polenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Portnoy
Mr. Daniel Quinn
Ms. Joyce Rodenberg
Mr. Romney Rogers
Mr. Brett Rose
Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale
Mr. Michael Ruch
Mr. & Mrs. John and Lauren Salas
Mr. Daniel Saunders
Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Traci Scheppske
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Randi Schwartz
Dr. & Mrs. Earnest and Anne Seiler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Theda Shaw
Mr. Justen Shiff
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Sallie Shiff
Mr. Doug Snyder
Mr. Harris Solomon
Mr. Pete Stramaglia
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Kitty Tatelbaum
The Kaballah Centre of Florida, Inc,
The Rhodes Insurance Group
Ms. Cristina Todd
Travelhost Magazine
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald and Lucy Weber
Ms. Renee Weil
Mr. Craig Weiner
Mr. Joseph Weiss
Mr. Todd Williams
Woldenberg Foundation


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